The company

                   At Our Core We’re Storytellers


Real2Reel Productions is a Mumbai based production house, with a branch office in Hyderabad. The company has gone on to produce more than a dozen short films, documentaries, music videos, commercial ads and web content. Real2Reel Productions is committed to creating clutter-breaking films that entertain and  enlighten the audiences. 

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by writer, director Shahroze Sadath. The debut production for Real2Reel “The Magic of Giving” was a roaring success, it also bagged its fair share of awards at various International film festivals Since then we have tasted consistent success with titles like Hum, One Step behind, The highway mechanic & School diaries.

Our Mission 

Our mission is and will always be to deliver world-class, ground breaking stories through quality, innovation, and detail that touch lives across the globe 

 The Director

Shahroze Sadath

                                           Many Hats, One Head

Shahroze Sadath is an Indian film director. The multi-faceted Shahroze Sadath wears many caps with ease. Besides being an acclaimed director Shahroze is also a writer, producer, and actor. He made his directorial debut with the award-winning short film  “The Magic of Giving”. His other film “Hum” has also received several  accolades at various international film festivals. Over the last 7 years, he has directed and written numerous Short films like One Step Behind, Hum Hindustani, The Highway Mechanic, a children’s film titled School diaries,  Music albums and many commercial Ad films.



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